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The differences between two neighbouring countries:

– by Petra Oliver-Russell (12 years)

In this text I will explain to you the differences between Iran and Armenia. Two countries that could be totally different sides of planet earth!!! When you cross over the border it is like you take an invisible flight at the speed of light to the other side of the earth. You start your flight close to a desert ( 45°c) and you arrive at destination in a forest with loads of wild flowers ( and it’s raining.)

I will start with the fact that Iran is Muslim and Armenia is Christian Orthodox that is one difference but not at all the only one. It is quite surprising as you cross the border ( from Iran) arrive in Armenia and everyone is so bare wearing short dresses and showing their skin. You have to do some adapting in this type of circumstance from a boiling hot black hijab to shorts and a t-shirt. I have coped (I hope next border I won’t have to wear a moonsuit).
Also as you have maybe heard, Iranians are the nicest people ever (paying for your supper, inviting you to their home, coming from the other side of Iran to say hello…)
We were sort of expecting (guilty alert) an Armenian to come and tell us that they have just brought our lunch sadly no one did. Armenians are very nice but not the way Iranians are.



Overturned water mellon truck (driver not in photo!)

In Iran our diet mainly consisted of chicken kabab (I don’t like meat) and rice. After a month your first reaction to the menu is ‘not another chicken kabab’. In Armenia though there is a bit more to eat – tabouleh, hummus,fish… So without lying the food in Armenia was much better. The one problem is that for some reason the Armenian cuisine is pretty salty. You have to ask the waiter/ waitress ‘is there salt in this cheese’ or ‘is this salty bread’ even the omelets are too salty. The bread in Iran is flat so after a month we were wishing for a baguette (even stale). Luckily we were kept alive on watermelon. It kept us hydrated and nourished!!!!! Plus there is plenty of it!
Iran is hot even really hot. In summer the temperature lifts up the mercury in a thermometer to about 55°c ,in winter the thermometer is actually broken because of the -44°c.

In Iran the scenery is mountainous and deserty (don’t know if that I s a word). There is an occasional oasis with green trees and near kashan there are dramas roses for the distilleries. In Armenia it is easy to take the wild flowers for granted. There are lovely flowers too in Kurdistan but not to Armenias extent. There are loads of butterflies and wild every thing. There are bears (luckily we saw none on our wild camping nights) but we had a close encounter with jackles howling at the bottom of our ladders. That is one of the times you worship a tent on the roof!!!!!
Mountains Iran
Butterflies I took at the actual distance you see them at! No zoom involved!!!!

Iran and Armenia are so different, it is easy to compare them, (I really don’t understand why you say it is hard to compare them instead of easy to compare, the world is a weird place!!!)

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