Credit where credits due…

Somethings you just can’t do yourself. I’d like to acknowledge the following companies / people who I would recommend as extremely helpful.

Firstly Therese and Christophe Letoquin who also live in Biarritz and have done two similar trips with their family in a camper van. Merci pour tout!


  • Steering, my steering was all over the place! I had the column rebuilt by Simon at Steering Services. Probably the single biggest improvement made to the handling of the car. Highly recommended
  • Steering wheel. Thanks My steering wheels was cracked and dangerous. Sadly this is something you can’t easily repair yourself but Charlesworth and son have to tooling to reform the wheel.
  • Tuning – As I say in the blog Peter Baldwin made a huge improvement to the running of the engine.
  • Nuts and Bolts – This man sells every nut and bolt for series 1 Land Rovers and he is a joy to deal with – Frank Mell’s number is 01302367349
  • Distributor doctor – Be careful who you get to rebuild your distributor as I have learnt the hard way that not everyone knows what they are doing. Martin Jay is the Distributor doctor He’s got quite a waiting list but he’s worth waiting for!
  • The Carburettor exchange – Again, there are lots of people who claim to be carburettor experts but David Osborne definitely is and he has a 6 month waiting list to prove it! IF you can persuade him to do it
  • Propshaft – I had worn splines so it was cheaper to replace mine but they can repair. Nice people and great service
  • Speedo problems – Dr Michael Flannery is your man.
  • Engine – I struggled getting the engine to run properly and it turned out I had a broken piston ring and two cracked valves. Michael Geary rebuild the engine. Thanks Michael IMG_0037
  • Fuel tank – Neil Taylor who can be contacted through the Series one Club made me a fantastic stainless steel replacement tank. I was unsure if the original would make the distance.
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A family in a Series 1, 1957 Land Rover exploring from Europe to Iran and back

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