Passports and Visas have arrived!

Tom – We are good to go! The Visas and Passports arrived 5 minutes ago! A spot of lunch and then we go……………….DSCN0321

13 Comments on “Passports and Visas have arrived!

  1. Wahooo!! Soo excited for you all! let the adventure begin!!

    Sent from my phone, please excuse typos.



  2. Good luck! We are thinking of you! Do we have your itinerary? Where is first port of call?! So glad the Visas turned up! Hurry off!! XxxC&Q


  3. Fantastic, safe journey, we are so excited for you all. Love from Wilb, P, Jill and Zazou. Xxx



  4. Don’t delay…go go go….have a wonderful trip and don’t forget to lock the door behind you!


  5. Have great journey and enjoy a big adventures. If you go closed to Czech,you are wellcome.:)


  6. Bon voyage you crazy globe trotters! We wish to luck, love and only the best adventures. Keep posting! Debbie, Andy, Steph and Dougie


  7. We can only say same things we say to your mother and father-love to get the news pictures reports of your exciting voyage from the comfort of our armchairs he he
    Well done and bon voyage
    Harry Myra
    Cape Town


  8. Its so exciting to see your dot moving slowly down the Med on the ferry! Mike and I have been reading up on where we will be visiting in Iran and everywhere looks fantastic! It’s a fabulous itinerary that Hossein has planned.


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